Transform your hair with the revolutionary La Biosthetique brand… only at No.1 Hair and Beauty Cheshire

June 29, 2017

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with the revolutionary and highly prestigious Parisian-based and German engineered haircare brand, La Biosthetique.  It is a really monumental achievement for No.1 Hair and Beauty Salon as it recognises our unrivalled commitment to quality of service.

To be accepted as a La Biosthetique partner, it is important that our approach and day-to-day running of the salon is aligned with the La Biosthetique values, culture and concept of delivering premium quality.  And we are one of just a select few Cheshire hair salons to partner with the prestigious La Biosthetique brand.

Established in the 1950s, La Biosthetique has gone on to become the benchmark for haircare products around the world.  Offering a powerful and potent combination of scientifically-driven ingredients with naturally derived essential oils, La Biosthetique products deliver unbelievable results – even after the first use.

The La Biosthetique culture is one founded on a belief that your hair is an expression of your personality, your style and your feelings.  When your hair is beautiful it makes you feel beautiful, and as such it is considered your primary adornment.  When your hair is healthy, your body is in sync and healthy too.  And to achieve beautiful, healthy and glossy hair you need to first start with taking good care of your scalp.

Often in our desire to achieve beautiful hair and to take care of our locks, we ignore the very simple fact that our scalp is the most important place to start.  By treating your scalp you are nurturing, nourishing and supporting your hair in its infancy.  The hair on your head is actually dead, so whilst it is essential that you continue to cleanse, moisturise, nurture and repair your hair as normal, radical changes are only ever made by treating your hair as it starts to grow deep down in the root.

Each individual strand of hair on your head can last for up to 7 years, which means it is absolutely crucial that you take good care of it – from root to tip.  The La Biosthetique product range is designed to treat your hair before it even breaks through your scalp.

Many of us have concerns about our hair.  From dandruff, psoriasis and sensitive scalps, to hair loss, thinning hair and ageing hair.  However, the products we are currently using, as well as our diets and hormones, will be playing a dramatic role in exacerbating certain problems.  Using the wrong shampoo can cause a build-up on your scalp and thus ‘suffocate’ hair follicles.  This can be responsible for thinning hair – as can hormones and fluctuations in hormonal levels.  Furthermore, using incorrect products can unbalance the sensitive and perilous bacterial balance on your scalp.  We all have 2 types of bacteria on our scalp – one good and one bad.  Using ‘off the shelf’ hair products can strip your hair and create an imbalance in the good and bad bacteria which, ultimately, makes problems such as dandruff, sensitivity and psoriasis worse.

Offering a range of targeted scalp treatments and tonics, the La Biosthetique range includes everything to effectively treat every possible concern and condition.  From anti-dandruff, better hair growth, colour protection and restraining unruly hair, to smoothing hair, scalp relaxation, care of curls, repair and regeneration, sun protection, volume, and protection against breakage.  There is the perfect product for you and your hair requirements.

Book your free scalp diagnostic – Tuesday 11th July between 10am and 1pm

If you have a hair concern that you would like to resolve, then why not book your scalp diagnostic session with the No.1 Hair and Beauty team.  We are running a free scalp diagnostic clinic on Tuesday 11th July between 10am and 1pm.  We will take a close look at your hair using the revolutionary La Biosthetique scalp camera, which magnifies follicles thousands of times, and then prescribe a clinically proven course of treatment to help you overcome your hair concerns.

For further information on our specialist La Biosthetique haircare services, or to book an appointment, please speak with a member of the team by calling us on 01829 752818 today.

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