Semi-permanent make-up coming soon to No.1 Hair and Beauty…

June 7, 2017

At No.1 Hair and Beauty Salon Cheshire we are delighted to announce the addition of semi-permanent make-up to our treatment list.

Semi-permanent make-up is also known as micropigmentation.  It is an exciting and truly revolutionary treatment which sees semi-permanent, natural and hypo-allergenic pigment carefully placed into the skin’s dermal layer, where it will remain for between 2 and 3 years.

Our highly experienced practitioner has been carrying out semi-permanent treatments for over 20 years in both the UK and Europe.  Her knowledge is extensive and thanks to an almost infinite range of pigments available, she will work very closely with you to select and blend the perfect colour to match and complement your natural complexion.

Semi-permanent make-up for eyebrows

Eyebrows play a crucial role in framing your eyes and face, and when they are beautifully shaped they can actually create a more youthful appearance whilst giving structure to your face.

However, trends change and whilst it was once fashionable to have very thin and heavily plucked eyebrows, fuller and more shapely eyebrows are now the latest style. So if your eyebrows have been left sparse from over plucking or shaving, then semi-permanent make-up offers the perfect solution to achieving the latest look.

Furthermore, if your eyebrows are naturally thin or light in colour then semi-permanent make-up is incredible for achieving the natural looking, thick and glossy eyebrows you desire.

Semi-permanent make-up for eyes

Add definition and depth to your eyes with semi-permanent make-up eyeliner enhancement.  This is a wonderful time-saver when applying make-up each day, and the colour and thickness of the eyeliner enhancement can be perfectly tailored to suit your style, colour preferences and your complexion.  Furthermore, applying make-up over your semi-permanent eyeliner enhancement creates the most spectacular and dramatic evening look.

Semi-permanent make-up for lips

Add colour, shape, fullness and style to your lips with semi-permanent lip liner.  If your lips are naturally slightly uneven in shape or tone, or you are looking to achieve a fuller lip look, then semi-permanent make-up for lips is the perfect solution.  You can easily cover scars and imperfections whilst creating a truly natural look with colour which lasts day and night.

Why choose semi-permanent make-up at No. 1 Hair and Beauty Salon Cheshire…

Semi-permanent make-up offers an outstanding and beautifully natural ‘made up’ look.  If you are short on time but still want to achieve a manicured finish then semi-permanent make-up is your answer.  Furthermore, due to the natural pigments used it is ideal if you have an allergy to conventional make-up products.  Semi-permanent make-up is also suitable to contact lens wearers.

The natural pigments used will last between 2 and 3 years, depending on individual reactions and lifestyles, as well as external factors such as sun exposure and your natural cell renewal speed.  Some clients report a minimal discomfort; however, we use topical anesthetics to greatly reduce any potential tenderness.

Bringing you semi-permanent make-up in the comfort of your friendly No. 1 Hair and Beauty Salon in Kelsall, Cheshire…

Established in 2010, No. 1 Hair and Beauty has established a reputation as one of the leading beauty and hair salons in Cheshire.  We like to be different and are always committed to discovering the very latest in hair and beauty treatments.  Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority so we are always researching latest techniques and technologies to ensure you continually glow from head to toe.

Find out more about semi-permanent make-up at No. 1 Hair and Beauty Salon Kelsall

No. 1 Hair and Beauty is located in the village of Kelsall, which is just 20-minutes from Chester and within easy reach of many Cheshire villages.  So for the warmest and friendliest of welcomes, and to find out more about the many benefits of semi-permanent make-up, please contact the No. 1 Hair and Beauty Cheshire salon team today.

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