Your free La Biosthetique scalp diagnostic – Tuesday 11th July at No.1 Hair and Beauty Cheshire

June 29, 2017

Your free La Biosthetique scalp diagnostic – Tuesday 11th July at No.1 Hair and Beauty Cheshire

As one of just a handful of North West salons boasting partnership with the revolutionary La Biosthetique brand, No.1 Hair and Beauty is offering you the opportunity to have a FREE scalp diagnostic.  Boasting a powerful and potent combination of scientifically-driven ingredients with naturally derived essential oils, La Biosthetique products deliver unbelievable results – even after the first use.

Many of us have concerns about our hair.  From dandruff, psoriasis and sensitive scalps, to hair loss, thinning hair and ageing hair.  So regardless of your hair concern, the team at No.1 Hair and Beauty can help you to achieve the beautiful hair you have always desired.

Having trialed the La Biosthetique products ourselves, we can truly say that they are remarkable.  Even a severe dandruff and irritable scalp sufferer reported results which were immediate, with symptoms being reduced by approximately 60% after just the first use.

Book your free scalp diagnostic – Tuesday 11th July between 10am and 1pm

If you have a hair concern that you would like to resolve, then why not book your scalp diagnostic session with the No.1 Hair and Beauty team today.  We are running a free scalp diagnostic clinic on Tuesday 11th July between 10am and 1pm.

In each 15 minute appointment, we will take a close look at your hair using the revolutionary La Biosthetique scalp camera, which magnifies follicles thousands of times.  Then we will prescribe a clinically proven course of treatment to help you overcome your hair concerns.

Offering a range of targeted scalp treatments and tonics, the La Biosthetique range includes everything to effectively treat every possible concern and condition.  From anti-dandruff, better hair growth, colour protection and restraining unruly hair, to smoothing hair, scalp relaxation, care of curls, repair and regeneration, sun protection, volume, and protection against breakage.  There is the perfect product for you and your hair requirements.

For further information on our specialist La Biosthetique haircare services, or to book your FREE scalp diagnostic appointment, please speak with a member of the team by calling us on 01829 752818 today.

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