Beauty Works LA Weave hair extensions at No.1 Hair and Beauty salon Cheshire

June 28, 2017

At No.1 Hair and Beauty Salon in Cheshire we are delighted to be partnered with the fabulous Beauty Works hair extensions brand.  We are one of just a few North West hair and beauty salons which stocks Beauty Works hair extensions.  So if you are looking to totally transform your hair then why not talk to the team at No.1 Hair and Beauty Salon in Cheshire today.

We offer three different fitting methods; the braided sew-in weft, the micro sew-in weft (LA weave), and tape hair extensions.  All these methods are safe to your own natural hair, as well as being discreet and professionally fitted.

The method you choose will depend on a number of factors, including your own natural hair, the desired look, your lifestyle and also your budget.  So in this series of short articles we will explore each hair extension method in further detail.  This means that combined with our extensive free consultation and colour match service at the salon, where you can discuss in detail your specific preferences and requirements, you are safe in the knowledge that you will find the perfect hair extension method.

Micro sew-in weft (LA weave) hair extensions from Beauty Works

Micro sew-in weaves are applied using wefts of hair which are then sewn onto tracks made from silicone lined micro rings. Micro sew-in weft (LA weave) hair extensions are totally unique and suitable for many different types of hair.  This weave does not require any plaiting and lays flat to the scalp, which means it almost totally eliminates any bulkiness and leaves no lumps or bumps.  Plus, micro sew-in weft (LA weave) hair extensions allow you complete flexibility to style your hair as you wish, even in an up-do or high ponytail.

The application methods can be retightened easily between every 4 – 6 weeks.  Your hair naturally sheds between 40 and 60 strands each day, so it is important – as with all forms of hair extensions – that you have them regularly retightened.  This process involves removing the weave and then replacing it further up your hair.  If you take care of your micro sew-in weft hair extensions then they can last up to 8 months.

LA weave extensions are a fabulous way to add volume and length, whilst minimising any stress to your own natural hair.

Find out more about Beauty Works hair extensions at No.1 Cheshire Hair and Beauty salon

Beauty Works hair extensions have been worn and championed by celebrities such as Michelle Keegan, Dannii Minogue, Nicole Scherzinger, Olivia Palermo and Victoria’s Secret models. Plus, Beauty Works’ award-winning hair extensions are available in an array of colours and lengths, and will last up to 8 months if cared for correctly.

At No.1 Hair and Beauty salon our talented team of creative hair stylists offer free no obligation consultations and colour matches to all our clients.  This means you are safe in the knowledge that you will have the perfect hair extensions to suit your own hair, your tastes and your requirements.

For further information on our specialist Beauty Works hair extensions services, or to book an appointment, please speak with a member of the team by calling us on 01829 752818 today.


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